CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) --- School lets out at East Brainerd Primary at 3:30 p.m. After about seven hours of classroom time some students face a more daunting task, crossing five lanes of traffic on East Brainerd Road.

"It's so congested, like a mile down the road it seems like," says parent Stephanie Boggs.

The school has always had a crossing guard to direct traffic and make sure parents and students get across safely. However, on Monday parents showed up to walk with their kids and there was no guard.

"When I walked across the street there was nothing but traffic," says parent Tranisha.

School officials tell Channel 3 they spent Monday afternoon on the phone with police and parking enforcement. But Tuesday's dismissal came and went and there still was no guard. Teachers and parents had to step in and help.

School administrators say they were told there was a major mix up. Someone with parking enforcement was on leave and there was a miscommunication in the office.

"Somebody's not doing their job," Tranisha says.

Parents are adamant, they want to make sure their children are safe no matter what.

"Please make this a priority. This is my only son and his safety is my biggest concern," Boggs says.

"If someone gets sick or something, they should have another guy right there ready to go at all times," says Tranisha.

Channel 3 attempted to contact the parking enforcement's supervisor a number of times Wednesday. Our calls were not returned, but school officials say the office was extremely apologetic about the incident.