HIXSON, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Chattanooga police are investigating a school bus accident in Hixson.

"It was scary," Lucas Alameda told Channel 3.

Alameda was one of several students on board when a school bus hit a bridge.

"I don't know (what happened), everyone just started screaming," he said.

"I just got a call from him saying that their bus got in a wreck," said Alameda's mother, Corrina Harris, "I don't know if it tipped over, or what happened."

Hamilton County Schools Transportation Supervisor Ben Coulter tells Channel 3 the bus was serviced last month and shows no signs of mechanical failure.

Coulter believes the back wheels clipped a small bridge on Grubb Road. One that Corrina Harris says buses have had trouble avoiding in the past.

"This is the second time something has happened on this road right here," she said. "The other time my other son was on there, so it's a little scary."

EMS workers checked out a few students with minor injuries, while another bus was brought in to take other students home.

Corrina Harris rushed to the scene to pick her son up. She says odds are he won't be on the bus tomorrow.

"It's a 50/50 chance I'll be driving him," she said.

The bus had some minor damage, and was towed.

Chattanooga traffic officers are investigating the incident.