CATOOSA COUNTY, GA. (WRCB) -- It was a fight to the finish in the Catoosa County sheriff's race, where Gary Sisk will be taking that seat.             

All eyes were on this race, to see who would take over after current Sheriff Phil Summers decided to retire after more than 30 years in law enforcement.

Sisk says he's looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Shortly after the final results came in, Larry Black addressed his crowd of supporters.   

"As the returns started coming in it was evident we didn't have the votes that we needed," Black says.

After a hard-fought race, he gracefully bowed out.

"We concede to Gary Sisk, and we wish him well in the future and we hope he does a fine job," Black says.

"I'm completely excited, ecstatic," Sisk says. "Words just can't describe the feeling."

Gary Sisk, the current chief deputy for the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office, says he's ready put his 20 years of law enforcement experience to good use.

"Number one on my platform is starting to work with inmate rehabilitation," Sisk says. "I want to start working with the community with that and see what programs we can get in the area."

He says he, too, put all his effort into this race.

And he wants to thank Sheriff Summers for his endorsement.

"It really helped that Sheriff Summers came out and publicly endorsed me," Sisk says. "That was a big push in my campaign."

And come January, he'll take over the reins to serve the people of Catoosa County.

"I appreciate for showing me the confidence in voting for me," Sisk says. "And I look forward to getting to work for them."

As far as Sisk pushing for inmate rehabilitation to help relieve jail overcrowding, he wants to assure the county he'll seek state and non-profit funding for that effort.

Black says he's not sure what the future holds for him at this moment. But did tell Channel 3 he's been 'in talks' with Sheriff Summers about a possible roll somewhere in the county.

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