DALTON, GA. (WRCB) -- With a deep sigh, Virgilia Meek talks to Channel 3 about being scammed out of hundreds of dollars by a "roof repair" man.

"It was devastating. It caused all kinds of trouble," says Meek.

Police say James William Taylor and his partner took her to the cleaners on a roof repair job she didn't need.

"He claimed he quoted me a price but in my haste and confusion I didn't remember," says Meek.

Police say Meek is one of at least 15 victims Taylor has hit.

He rode around in a white Ford pickup representing "Taylor Roofing" but in a police picture you don't see a name on the truck.

Taylor was arrested August 16, but his partner is still on the prowl.

Detective James Goines says, "They have made quite a bit of money scamming these people in our community."

Goines says Taylor zeroes in on widows and tells them he's done work on the home in the past and he just wanted to quote "check up."

He says Taylor would quote fake repairs and spend hours pretending to work.

Meek says, "He said there were some things wrong and we needed more work on the gutters."

Goines says, "In one example I looked at, it looked fine. The gutters already had screens on them."

Steve Simmons runs Apex Buildings and has contracted roofers for two decades.

He says many times homeowners get scammed by not doing their homework first.

Simmons says it starts with a background check.

"Get the last two weeks or month of references," Simmons says. "Also check for holes in there."