FORT OGLETHORPE, GA (WRCB) -- The gift of a wheelchair was more than just a huge surprise for a North Georgia woman living with spina bifida. The first properly working wheelchair Reeann Phillips has had in years means her disease will no longer affect how much she can get around.

Left struggling for words, Reeann simple said, "I love it."

But don't let Phillips' reserved reaction fool you. Caretakers say that's the first time she's been caught speechless.

Born with spina bifida, Reeann's been at Heritage Healthcare in Fort Oglethorpe since her adoptive parents died 12 years ago. Until Thursday, she's never had a properly working wheelchair.

"This wheel chair means hope and freedom," said Jenilee Lemmon.

Lemmon, along with Burning Bush Baptist Church, made Reeann's newfound mobility possible. They raised the money by raffling off a quilt with matching pillows.

Jenilee has been visiting Reeann for eight years. "She just grew on me, I fell in love with her the more I would visit."

When asked she plans to take her new chair, Reeann's answer is simple: "Everywhere," she yelled.

That, she did.

After a few laps around the parking lot caretakers fought back tears. Just as excited and maybe as nervous as ever.

"I don't know she may need to go to driving school," joked Christy Payne with Heritage Health Care.

Reeann said it's more comfortable, it works unlike her previous one that almost caught fire and more importantly it's marked with the one and only king, "Elvis Presley."