When it comes to health care, some local organizations are trying to close the gap in the minority community. Studies show minorities are at a higher risk of dying from cancer and diabetes.

That's why the Minority Health Fair this weekend is so important.  Organizers hope this event leads to prevention and early detection that can help change those statistics and save lives.

Erskine Oglesby/Minority Health Fair says "We offer so many services to the community, there is a growing importance in our community on prevention, this is a lot of individuals primary health care for the year."

Oglesby says 150 vendors will be on hand providing a wide range of screenings and services at no cost.  Everything from mammograms to prostate exams and dental services will be available.

Erskine Oglesby says "The service is free, it doesn't require insurance, thee is a lack of access to health care in the African American community and this event is at Eastgate town center and it is centralized, parking, bus service, people carpool to come to this event."

And organizers say everyone who cares about their health is encouraged to come out to the health fair.

Erskine Oglesby says "It's not just limited to the minority community, we encourage everyone to come out, we estimate we'll have about 2-thousand people coming through."

And that includes children. Oglesby says it's a family atmosphere where they try to make health care fun, exciting, and interactive.

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The health fair takes place this Saturday at Eastgate Town Center from 9-2. A one mile fun walk takes place at 7:30. The event is sponsored by Kappa Alpha Psi and Omega Psi Phi Fraternities, along with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, and the 28th Legislative Community Development Corporation.