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Powerball Player: "That'd be a nice payday"

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EAST RIDGE, TN. (WRCB) -- There's big money out there for someone Wednesday night, or for a group of people, or for no one. 

The Powerball jackpot has launched past $300 million and those who don't play have been buying tickets alongside those who hardly ever play, and those who play every week.

As the numbers come down, let's see how a couple of your neighbors would spend that kind of dough.

"You can't win if you don't buy it," cashier, Brandie Dyer says.

And with the Powerball jackpot rolling over since June 23, people are doing just that.

"Yea, there's been quite a few," Dyer says.

The magic number has been growing, out gaining projections by $15 million by Tuesday afternoon and estimated to be around $320 million by the time those number come rolling out.

If someone wins, this would be Powerball's 4th largest payout ever.  

"Well, it's inviting," John Croley says. "That'd be a nice payday."

John Croley is a construction worker.

What would he do with that much money?

Holly Lahti won half of a $380 million Mega Millions lottery in January of last year. She skipped her award ceremony, quit her job, left her small Idaho town, and went into hiding with rumors she'd moved to Hawaii.

"It's a gamble and you know, you just take a chance," Croley says.

It's less than half of the more than $650-plus million that was up for grabs in the Mega Millions jackpot that ignited lotto fever back in April. But with a lump sum payout of more than $213 million, what could you do?

"Pay off a bunch of bills," Croley says. "That'd make life real easy."

"Just...go crazy I guess," Dyer says.

Here are your winning numbers: 56, 27, 46, 6, 51. Powerball number: 21

Odds in winning with the five correct numbers plus the Powerball are one in more than 175 million.

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