CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Channel3Outdoors visited the Performance Propeller Shop on Highway 27 in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee, looking for the answer to one of the ultimate bass boat questions. 

How do I choose the correct bass boat prop?  Some of the answers were surprising. 

Tim Hackney of Performance Propeller said "the first thing to consider is, what performance do you want out of your boat?  This could be speed, good gas mileage, a good hole shot, easy driving or smooth mid-range performance". 

Tim also said "this is why a prop right out of the box may not perform as expected.  Other factors to consider would be the weight of your boat, the load carried, and of course, engine horse power and RPM's".

With 37 years of prop experience, Tim is the expert when it comes to boat propellers on everything from bass boats, drag boats, ski boats, run-a-bouts, flat bottoms, house boats, yachts, pontoons and cruisers.  In fact, if its' got a prop on it, Tim can get the best performance out of the boat.