SODDY-DAISY, Tenn. (WRCB-TV) - Another break-in, another burglary, and yes, there is surveillance video. But, there are several elements that make this Crime Stoppers case different. "We feel these are dangerous individuals that need to be taken off the street," said Soddy-Daisy Police Chief Phillip Hamrick.

There was traffic out on Dayton Pike even though it was late; about 1:30 on the morning of July 17th. In this instance, it is a good thing no one stopped; not a citizen, not the owner of Rafael's, and not a police officer. Because these bad guys were not just aiming to burglarize a business, they were armed for a showdown. "They were armed with long guns," said Chief Hamrick, "which is unusual for a burglary."

Surveillance video shows a gun wrapped and slung over one thug's shoulder. He tossed it onto the counter as he hit the cash drawer. Two white males entered the restaurant. It appears they knew they were being watched. "Had their heads covered with hoods," the chief explained. "One individual had a bandana around his face."

They look to be between 5'8" and 6' tall, 160-180 lbs. "The video is grainy and kinda hard to see," Chief Hamrick explained. "(They) look like they should be close to 30 years old. Mid-20's, early 30's."

Features are hard to make out. "One individual appears to have a tattoo around his neck, with glasses," the chief added. "That's the one, you can make him out the best. He was also the one who kind of stationed himself at the front door."

The video shows him set a trash can there as an obstacle, just in case their dirty deed gets interrupted.

One more bit of information: the get away car. We're looking for a small white pick-up truck, possibly an S-10 pick-up truck," Hamrick said, "late 90's-early 200's model."

Truth be told, there may have been as many as three vehicles and five people involved. Were they all armed? It is hard to say, but let us focus on the two we have on video. If you recognize them or know anything about this crime, call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333. uUp to a thousand dollars is waiting and remember, an officer may answer the phone, but you will never have to reveal your identity.