CHATTANOOGA, TN. (WRCB) -- Staff Sergeant Tim Jansen has served our country for nearly ten years, traveling the world with the U.S. Army. He spent one year in Iraq and is currently deployed in South Korea.

The last time he was in Chattanooga was more than two years ago, before he was deployed. On Friday he caught the red eye to Atlanta where his brother picked him up. 

He had two weeks off and wanted to take advantage of it…and his mom had absolutely no clue.

"I just wanted to surprise her, go into her work and be like hey," Jansen says.  

Jansen's mom, Donna, works for Memorial Hospital. With flowers in hand and Channel 3 in on the secret, Jansen and his brothers make their way to her office.

He pauses for just a second outside her door and then walks in. Donna looks puzzled at first but then leaps into her son's arms. Her tears say it all, but Jansen has one more trick up his sleeve. "You got the rest of the day off," he tells her. "I do?" replies Donna.

They'll need the extra time, they have a lot of catching up to do. "Oh my gosh I can't believe you're here," Donna says. "I mean this is, it's just wonderful. We got you for two weeks."

Donna's oldest son Jason also served in the military. He was deployed in Afghanistan while his younger brother served in Iraq. "They're all trying to kill me," she laughs.  

The youngest of the siblings, Joe, wants to become a police officer. The word "proud" only begins to describe the love this mom has for her children.