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Alton Park residents concerned over sewer project

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Chester Heathington is one of a few concerned Alton Park and Piney Woods residents who noticed a long stretch of black piping around an area of an old chemical plant that leads to the sewer system behind Emma Wheeler homes.

Their concern is chemicals from the grounds are being dumped back in the sewer.

"It has to be removed but not into the water contents of the State of Tennessee," Heathington says.

Milton Jackson says, "If the city is part of this it should not have been happening until we were advised what was going on in this community."

Channel 3 took their concerns to the city wastewater manager who says this project is part of fixing century old sewer lines.

We are told some chemicals are making its way to the sewer, but it is monitored and treated at the plant.

Wastewater Manager Jerry Stewart says, "It is legally allowed to discharge at one point into the sewer system."

We looked at a map of the project and Stewart says none of the piping is installed at the old chemical ground. Its proximity is just coincidental.

Some say they want the project stopped altogether.

Quenston Coleman is also concerned and says, "The fact those heavy chemicals are in the water they are going to get back into the soil and we need to stop the process right now and go back and have some hearings. If they want to get rid of the water, pump it in a truck and take it some place else but don't put it in the Tennessee River."

Stewart says the project will be a win for the outdated sewer system, and any runoff is monitored locally and federally.

"This project has no impact but to improve the overall water quality," says Stewart.

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