ATHENS, TN. (WRCB) -- Athens police say a man was able to walk into six businesses, make multiple purchases and pay with fake $100 bills late last week and no one has seen him since.

"Basically it looks like this guy did a complete circle of our town near the Interstate," says Detective Heith Willis. 
The suspect visited the CVS drug store on Decatur Pike and the Ingles grocery store right across the street. Then it was on to Advanced Auto Parts, the United Grocery Outlet, the Dollar General and Radio Shack.

"He brought up about $600 that we know of in counterfeit," says Willis. That money now sits in evidence bags instead of a cash register.

A modern $100 bill is filled with security features like a watermark, a hologram and a special strip that says what currency it is. It is also made to last forever. Real money is printed on fiber paper made from linen and cotton.

"This right here, if you washed it it'd probably disintegrate," Willis says pointing to the fake money.

Officers say the money he was using was an older version of the $100 bill from the early 90's and not supposed to be in circulation but an unknowing cashier may not catch it.

Managers at the United Grocery Outlet tell Channel 3 their cashier did use a special pin to mark the bill and it checked out.

Police are looking for a black male between 25 and 35-years-old with a large frame. 

"We're following some active leads right now," says Detective Scott Webb.