SODDY-DAISY, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - It's been three weeks since anyone has seen or heard from Casey Burgiss.

His family received a disturbing phone call saying he'd been shot and buried, but police have not found any evidence of that.

Burgiss' family is hoping he's still alive, and asking anyone who can help to pick up the phone.

"He runs with a rough crowd," says Steven Crawley, Casey Burgiss' stepfather. "Anything could have happened."

Casey Burgiss' family fears what may have happened to the 24-year-old father.

"I get phone calls with rumors," says Steven Crawley. "Every time I get one I go into the woods, follow the rumors, see if I can find him."

Burgiss hasn't been seen since July 21st.

"He didn't show up at the funeral home for his cousin and that's when I first began to look for him," explains Karen Crawley, Casey's mother.

Chief Phil Hamrick tells Channel 3 Burgiss' cell phone pinged in the same place he was last seen. From there the trail has gone cold.

"We've run out of leads, we have no further leads in the case," he says. "We're leaving every possibility open at this time."

Burgiss' family hopes he's safe.

"I love you, and I'll help you anyway I can," pleads Steven Crawley, when asked what he would say to his stepson if he could talk to him. "Come home."

The family is preparing for more bad news, convinced his friends know more than they are letting on.

"Somebody knows," says Steven Crawley. "If they would just come forward and tell me where he's at."

"His children deserve a daddy," adds Burgiss' father, David Burgiss. "I just want him found."

"Put yourself in my place," says Karen Crawley. "Anything you know that can help me find my son, please make that call."

According to Hamilton County court documents, Burgiss has a lengthy record dating back to 2006.

He was most recently arrested in June for possession of a controlled substance and driving on a suspended license.

His family does not believe he's running from legal trouble.

If you can help locate Casey Burgiss, call Soddy Daisy Police at 423-332-3577.