LONDON (UGA/WRCB) -- Former Georgia diver Chris Colwill finished a disappointing 18th in the men's 3-meter springboard diving competition at the 2012 London Olympics on Tuesday.

Colwill, a two-time Olympian and captain of Team USA Diving, scored 310.9 points on his first four dives Tuesday, but a miss on his fifth dive earned just 28.9 points. He closed with no points on his sixth and final attempt, ending his run well-short of medal contention with just 339.80 points.

"Instead of going with the aggressive attitude, I told myself not to do something, which you should never do," Colwill told The Associated Press. "Just played it too safe. ... (On the fifth dive), I just kind of zoned out. I stood on the board for too long. It was a freak accident and just happened at the wrong time. (And on the sixth dive), I went with the attitude of 100 points or no points, and I guess I got the no points."

Colwill was a three-time NCAA champion and a five-time SEC champion during his career with the Bulldogs (2004-06, 2008).