NASHVILLE (Times Free Press) — U.S. Senate Democratic nominee Mark Clayton today urged President Barack Obama to back off his support of same-sex marriage, saying he's "praying for the president" and hopes to support his presidential bid.

But Clayton, whom the Tennessee Democratic Party has disavowed over his anti-gay rights stands, isn't so sure he will support Obama's re-election bid if the president won't change his position.

"I'm very close to voting for Obama this time," Clayton told reporters at a news conference this afternoon. "But I'm like many of the supporters. We want President Obama to come home, be for traditional marriage between a man and a woman."

Asked if he would back Obama if the president does not change his position in gay marriage, Clayton said, "I'm talking to my supporters about that because many if not most of my supporters are Obama supporters, and I do want to reflect what they think."

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