MURRAY COUNTY, GA. (WRCB)- For the first time, Channel 3 sat down with the woman accusing a North Georgia judge of abusing his power and allegedly propositioning her for sex, while working on her case.

Channel 3 first broke the story about the investigation into Murray County Chief Magistrate Judge Bryant Cochran.

Through her attorney, Angela Garmley is telling her side of the story to Channel 3.

Back in April she went to Judge Cochran seeking warrants against three people who allegedly beat her up.

When she met with the judge, she says the conversation had nothing to do with her case.

"He disclosed that he was looking for a mistress. Someone he could trust," says Garmley's Attorney McCracken Poston.

Poston says when his client, Angela Garmley, met with Judge Bryant Cochran, he made her witness sit outside his chamber, started inquiring about her love life with her husband and before he decided her case, he made a request.

"There was a request that she appear in his office, before he made his decision in a dress with no underwear on," says Poston.

After the meeting, Cochran and Garmley started exchanging calls and text messages. She admits, folding under pressure, she sent him one picture.

"I think that anybody could draw the conclusion that if she did not do that, she would perhaps, her case would not turn out as she liked," says Poston.

However, Garmley never fulfilled his 'no-underwear' request and her three accused attackers, she says, were let off.

"Angela decided that's just the way justice was in Murray County and that nobody would believe her if she went up against the chief magistrate judge, a very popular judge."

But after a chance run-in with the judge, Garmley's husband found out what happened and confronted both the judge and his wife about the situation.

Poston claims, next, Cochran threatened her husband's rental business.

"Ultimately, Angela does not want anybody else to experience this," says Poston.

When previously contacted by Channel 3, Cochran said the allegations were politically motivated, because Garmley's husband contributed to a challenger's campaign.

Poston says that is simply not true, because Garmley just wants to stand for what is right.

"Angela is standing up for herself, she's standing up for her daughter, her daughters, and women in the future."

Poston says Garmley is fully cooperating with the Georgia Judicial Qualifications Commission while they investigate Cochran, who was re-elected last week.

The JQC says it can neither confirm nor deny it is working on the case.

Cochran previously told Channel 3 there was no such investigation.

Poston also says at least two more women have contacted him with similar claims.

Channel 3 reached out to Bryant Cochran's attorney, Chris Townley, and he issued the following statement:

"Judge Cochran adamantly states that the allegations against him are not true. Unlike the attorneys who sent out a press release for publicity, Mr. Cochran respects the Courts and the court process and believes the truth will come out if any court proceeding is ever filed."

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