CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Chattanooga City Council will take up an issue on guns and their colors Tuesday night.

Are brightly colored guns easily confused with toys?

At least one city council member thinks so and is asking council to send off a recommendation to the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) to stop the sell of colorful guns nation-wide.

Pink guns, yellow guns, any color of the rainbow, City Councilman Peter Murphy says he was shocked when he recently saw guns like that for sale in Chattanooga.

"They're making firearms look like toys," Chattanooga City Councilman Peter Murphy says.

He says police officers will talk to council Tuesday night about the safety risk colorful guns pose to them.

"They all uniformly said that it would probably cause them to hesitate if somebody was pointing a gun if it was mostly a bright colored object," Murphy says.

He argues that if officers were trained to ignore the color of guns, it introduces another danger.

"A return to the time when we have lots of children shot by police every year, who are holding a toy," Murphy says.

He also says those concerns go along with the issue of it being confusing to children.

"I'm not sure if my child is going to know that's a gun," Murphy says.

Murphy says the ATF, which regulates gun sales, is already considering a ban on colorful guns. The resolution before council is whether to send a recommendation to the ATF in support of that.

"It's how Chattanooga is leading in common sense. I think it's good for our city," Murphy says.

The proposal is getting mixed reactions from residents.

"I think it's ridiculous they're even wasting time on talking about something like that," Chattanooga resident Brent France says.

"They look like toy guns and it can be very dangerous if it gets in the wrong hands," Chattanooga resident Charley Keplinger says.

"It's the parents I believe. It's the person's responsibility. So they make an orange or green gun. It's not going to make the community less safe or more dangerous for the children," Chattanooga resident Russell Vick says.