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Trial date set for alleged gunman in Mountain Shadows shooting

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- In less than a month, a Chattanooga man, accused of putting a gun to another man's chest and pulling the trigger, will face trial for murder.

Monday, attorneys on both sides are making sure everything is in order.

Both sides had very little to say. The two families now face a bitter court battle.

Monday in court, a very quick pre-trial hearing, more or less a formality before the actual trial begins in September.

Myles Stout, 20, stood with his lawyer only responding "yes" or "no" to Judge Barry Steelman's questions.

Stout appeared nervous at times only moving his thumbs behind his back while his family sat silently.

Both sides addressed motions to first: call additional witnesses during the trial if needed and secondly, to not discuss the $10 million civil suit Myles Compton's family filed against the Stout family

"I wouldn't cut you off from any motions you may need before the trial, but I don't anticipate you need any more by then," says Judge Steelman.

All of this stems from an incident last March, when Stout and five friends were playing with guns at a home.

Court testimony says the guns belonged to the father of Compton's best friend, Kevin Driscoll.

The prosecution says after Stout pointed the gun at other people in the room, he then put it to Compton's chest and pulled the trigger, while Compton was texting a friend.

He immediately grabbed his chest yelling "my heart" before collapsing.

Court documents show Compton had been in the home for less than ten minutes when he was shot.

Investigators say Stout told police, Compton committed suicide and a friend threw out the bullets to the gun in a nearby forest.

Stout is facing reckless homicide charges.

Neither side wanted to talk on camera, only saying they will talk when the trial starts.

The trial is set to begin September 4.


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