SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TN. (WRCB) -- The traffic on U.S. Highway 127 moves slower than normal Friday through Signal Mountain. Not because of accidents or construction, but because of "The World's Longest Yardsale."

It's a tradition now 25 years old, and Ed Kelly of Signal Mountain has been a part of it since the beginning. Most years he and others just try to get rid of junk, but this year he's selling a rocking chair which has been in his family for nearly 90 years.

"I can remember it being in the bedroom when I was a child, and I guess my parents rocked me in it a little bit," recalls Kelly.

He and his wife, Peggy, are moving to a smaller home and have to unload lots of stuff. Hawking a sentimental object is difficult.

"It's a little traumatic to have to get rid of these items," admits Kelly. He hopes the buyer treats the old rocker with love.

The variety of items at the event attracts bargain hunters from several states including Kentucky and Mississippi. Beth Wadsworth and her two daughters traveled from Alabama and Florida to check out deals in Hamilton County along the way, making the trip a true family affair.

"My daughter started a year ago on my 65th birthday and said we're going to go for your birthday this year," says Wadsworth.

She's heading home with an iron bed, toys and clothes for her grandchildren, and an issue of Look magazine from the her birth year.

Others like Greg Russ have found less practical and sentimental buys, like a cow skull. The self-proclaimed "bone collector" says it'll be a great addition to the hallowed array of hollowed heads he proudly displays in his Hixson home.

"I got a beaver skull, got a coyote skull, got a couple cat skulls, a bunch of possum skulls, and a few deer skulls," boasts Russ.

He already has a special place in mind to hang this this one.

"Over my bed," says Russ as he laughs.

The sale stretches nearly 700 miles from Gadsden, Alabama to five miles north of Addison, Michigan and lasts through Sunday, August 5.

It's even drawn the attention HGTV which will have a camera crew filming in Hamilton County for its Endless Yard Sale program.

Also, since the sale is rain or shine be sure to bring an umbrella in case of pop-up showers and storms this weekend.