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School shoppers crowding stores on TN tax free holiday


CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - It's back-to-school time and most parents are packing into local stores for the next three days with their students in order to save big bucks on shopping.

That's because tax free weekend started Friday morning and will continue through Sunday night.

Back-to-school shopping can really add up. The state-wide, tax free holiday means you can save money on clothing, school supplies and computers. That had people forming lines even before some stores opened Friday morning.

A line stretched down the sidewalk before 9 a.m., with parents itching to save on the most expensive back-to-school items. That's everything electronic.

"You have to save money wherever you can and this is a great opportunity. So even if you have to travel across one state to get here, we did that. Sixty dollars off, that's $120 for both and it's a good deal," Daniel Fremen says.

"We do more business this weekend than we do most of Christmas. So, in three days we have an enormous amount of product move through our store," Mac authority Manager Clark Campbell says.

At Mac Authority all hands were on deck hours before opening. They were unloading thousands of computers they anticipate selling-out this weekend.

"It's pretty intense. We look forward to it the whole year. This day is absolutely our company's biggest day of the year," Campbell says.

But, all of the required school supplies can certainly add up quickly too.

"We're planning on saving some money today because it's tax-free weekend," Vanda Stock says.

And for those school shopping for the very first time.

"Clothes, a back pack, a lunch box and school supplies," Stock says.

And for those families with several' kids with back-to-school lists to check off.

"The taxes in Tennessee are high, so it just gives us that extra little bit of money that we can spend this weekend," Stacie Schepers says.

These savvy shoppers seem willing to do some traveling to save.

"It's like a coupon. It's almost ten percent savings is the way I look at it," Georgia resident Debbie Hughes says.

It's the first time Tennessee has held a tax free weekend since 2009.

"Thank you State of Tennessee," Campbell says.

Tennessee and Alabama's tax free holiday runs through Sunday at midnight.

Georgia's is August 10th and 11th.


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