EAST RIDGE, TN (WRCB) -- Overnight storms caused damage throughout the Tennessee Valley. The Chattanooga Fire Department says it was busy all nights answering calls of downed power lines, but it seems East Ridge got more of it.

Strong winds knocked down dozens of trees in one East Ridge neighborhood alone. Some of them are pretty big and caused considerable damage along Greenbriar Road.

"The racket woke us up and then when came out, we saw all the damage," Brenda Lee said. A city-owned tree narrowly missed Brenda Lee's house, but it crashed into her storage building. She says it was slated to be removed, but the storm beat the city to the punch.

"We both have been hoping and praying -- me and the guy from the city -- that we wouldn't get a bad storm or tornado. It was an answered prayer that nobody was hurt," Lee said.

"It shook it! It shook the whole house," Christy and Ashley Dotson said.

A little further down Greenbriar Street, the Dotson family had trees falling from three directions. "We opened the door and it was all over the cars and we looked further and it was all over the house," Christy Dotson said, "That tree is from two doors over."

Her son was injured while clearing some branches. "It cut his leg and he ended up getting three staples in his leg," Dotson said.

Downed trees left their mark on several cars as well. "It landed on my camper. My truck was parked underneath and my wife's care was here," Matthew Mallett said.

"I'd probably say $4,000 in damage at least," Brandon Stone said.

Stone says lightning struck branches onto his brand new van. "All the way down here, scratches, you can see the dent down there," Stone said.

He just bought it after his last one was totaled in the March 2nd storms. "It seems like it's hard to keep anything nice anymore. Things seem to happen left and right," Stone said.

Fortunately, all of the residents Channel 3 spoke with say they have insurance to cover the cost of the damages. East Ridge city crews were out all day hauling off the debris from the sides of the roads.