(WRCB) - As we close the books on July, it was actually a pretty rainy month.  The average rainfall for July is 4.91", and we exceeded that with 6.87" in the gauge at the close of yesterday. 

With that said, there is still a deficit for the year of 4.54".  That doesn't necessarily mean we are hurting for rain (though our official status is "abnormally dry"), it just means we are that far below the average.

For the month of August, the average rainfall is 3.59".  There is a very good chance we will get that plus more as another rainy month looks to be shaping up.

The heat and humidity return today with highs in the mid 90s, and a heat index near 100.  The chance for rain is small today and tomorrow, but we should expect more widespread scattered showers and storms Friday into the weekend.

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