DADE COUNTY, GA. (WRCB) -- One of the biggest winners in Tuesday's primary in Dade County was the public library.

Voters overwhelmingly showed they support the county commission funding it.

Earlier this month, the board of education voted to stop funding the library $37,000 a year, so the county commission let the voters decide.

Tuesday's ballot asked if the county commission should dedicate a fixed portion of property tax to the library.

Residents voted nearly two to one in favor of funding it.

Earlier, Channel 3 spoke to County Executive Ted Rumley who says that won't be possible without a property tax increase.    

But for now, it's a big win for the Dade County library.

"I think this a message for the county commissioners," Says Linda Wilson, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees. "They are the ones that will have to do something about changing the way we're funded."

"It has been a hard month, but the people of Dade County have expressed their desire to keep our library open and funded by the public," Donna Street says.

Rumley says the county will let the voters decide in November if they support a property tax increase.

The Dade County library will have a grand opening at its new location August 14.