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Five man Sheriff showdown in Dade County

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DADE COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- In at least two north Georgia counties, current Sheriffs could face challenges from their predecessors.  In Dade County, there are five men all vying for the top cop spot.

You have Nathan Baker, Ray Cross and Tim McDonald, all running against current Sheriff Patrick Cannon. Any of those four candidates will face off against former Sheriff Phil Street, who held the office for 20 years.

Baker has been in law enforcement for 13 years, currently with the Rossville Police Department. Cross spent time in Dade County, then served eight years with the Lookout Mtn. Police Department. Mcdonald spent 17 years with Dade county, Part of that as chief deputy.

And of course Sheriff Patrick Cannon, who's served the past eight years.

Here's what Baker, Cannon and Street had to say going into today's vote about what people should expect if they take office?

Nathan Baker: "I'm going to be a very highly visible Sheriff. I'm going to be out in the communities, as much as possible. I'm going to have an open door policy. But it's about getting the communities involved and making sure they stay involved. Neighborhood Watch programs, anything to do with the youth."

Patrick Cannon: "I enjoy serving the community. I have four kids and I enjoy getting out and making sure that our community's safe. I've got a bunch of great folks that work here and we have the ultimate goal of keeping the families safe in Dade County. And that's why I serve."

Philip Street: "I just hope the voters keep in mind of my past track record, of where the department was in '85 and where it was in 2005 when I left office. And we came from a little old jail sitting right where we stand to the facility that you behind me."

Tim McDonald was asked what made him want to jump into the race. "My past experience, my prior with 17 years with law enforcement and then I traveled for a law enforcement distributor for six and half years, which I think gave me an excellent opportunity to learn other systems and work with other Sheriffs," he answered.

And Ray Cross was asked what he hoped voters kept in mind as they headed to polls. "I hope they keep in mind that if they vote for me, they're going to be voting for a department that's going to be run professionally, that's going to be in their neighborhoods, they're going to have quick response time. And just an overall better department," he said.

There has already been talks for a run-off race with so many candidates in the race.  We'll keep you posted on the results all night long.

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