SUMMERVILLE, GA. (WRCB) -- We now get a better look at the Berryton Recycling Center days after a massive engulfed the facility.

Large bales of plastic material are still near the building still smoldering from the intense fire.

Last Friday plumes of smoke billow through the air as fire crews worked to put out the large blaze. 

Residents within 1/4 mile of the plant are still on evacuation notice.

Van Richardson was allowed back in to the area today.

"I saw those flames and thought it was some type of chemical."

Dozens of fire fighters are working 24-hour shifts to cool the hot spots and even with the flames gone the area isn't safe.

The building sits on six acres and tons of material are still in harms way.

The Chattooga EMA director Eddie Henderson says he isn't taking chances.

"There are several different kinds of plastics that are burning. We are requiring all emergency personnel to wear a breathing apparatus."


Sunday July 29, 2012

Firefighters have been making steady progress in bringing under control a large fire that has raged at a Chattooga County recycling center since Friday afternoon.

Officials on the scene at the Berryton Recycling Complex say the fire is not yet under control, but they have contained it and prevented it from any further spreading.

They estimate it will take at least another day of steady work to knock down the majority of the blaze.

Since the start of the fire on Friday afternoon, nearly 400 firefighters from around the region have helped battle the conflagration.

Even better news for local residents is that no more evacuations are expected to be needed.

Crews will remain on the scene "around the clock" until the fire is completely under control.