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Ringgold soldier injured in Afghanistan

Jason Smith Jason Smith

RINGGOLD, GA (WRCB)- A North Georgia soldier is recovering in the hospital after stepping on an I.E.D in Afghanistan. The Ringgold community is rallying around the hometown hero and his family.

On top of his dedication to his country, Specialist Jason Smith has a three and half year old son. Smith's wife is thankful he is alive but finds it tough explaining to their son what has happened to his dad.

"Tons of emotions. Shocked, angry, sad. What's next? Where does the road going to lead him? What does it mean for our son?"

Jenna Smith says she woke up Wednesday morning to a missed call.

"It was the military headquarters and they told me he had been in an accident in Afghanistan," she says.

Twenty-seven-year-old Jason Smith had survived a blast from a land mine.

"He was on foot patrol and had walked on an I.E.D," says Jenna.

Smith has fractures to his hands, tissue damage from shrapnel and both of his legs had to be amputated below the knee.

Once the news sunk in for Jenna, her next thoughts turned to their three and half year old son, Kaiden.

"I don't think he's going to understand what's going on."

Kaiden is autistic and was just four months old when his dad joined the Army.

"He's a child in a military upbringing. I always try to educate him on the military, even though his father is not here."

Jenna says even though she and Jason are in the process of separating, she wants Kaiden to know about his dad's service and sacrifice, in his four years, serving both in Korea and Afghanistan. 

She also wants to thank the Ringgold community for the overwhelming support.

"It was great to know that they were there for me, even us going through our difficult times. And for our son."

She says it is helping her get through this tough time.

"It is very important to me. Regardless of everybody's issues, they still need to bring together and support him and pray for him for a fast and great recovery," she says.

Jenna says Jason had just signed up to extend his service. She has not received any more updates on his condition.

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