CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- A teen girl who was shot while attending a block party on Bennett Avenue in March has become the center of an extraordinary outpouring of community support.

13-year-old Keoshia Ford was caught in the crossfire of a gang shootout, in which she was shot in the head. Her brain injury has left her unable to walk or talk.

She requires care around the clock. Her family and nurses say while TennCare covers some of the medical costs, they're still struggling to pay for necessary supplies for Keoshia.

On Saturday, August 4th, members of The Future Is Ours, Olivet Baptist Church and others are gathering together at Noon for a community-wide prayer vigil for her.

Supporters are asked to gather at 2012 Bennett Avenue, Chattanooga, between South Beech and South Willow Streets, the same place where Keoshia was shot.
"The outpouring of support for Keoshia Ford in the week since the faith community and the public was first asked to donate items to help improve her quality of life has been nothing short of amazing," said Nina Ventra with The Future Is Ours.

"By lunch-time on Thursday, Olivet Baptist Church had received a total of three van loads of donations and more are still being brought to the church," she said.