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Bradley County woman questions why her dog was shot by deputy

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BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- A Bradley County animal rights group has accused a county deputy of needlessly shooting a woman's dog while she wasn't at home. The Sheriff's Office claims the dog attempted to bite the deputy several times, which resulted in his actions.

The citizen's group Bradley Initiative to End Suffering (BITES) maintains that Ashley Ward returned home after a few hours of hiking on Saturday to learn that a Bradley County Sheriff's deputy had shot her dog in her own yard.

According to BITES, the two-year-old blue heeler/bull terrier mix suffered for 18 hours before finding her way back to Ward's back porch.

The dog underwent surgery and the veterinarian said the bullet missed her brain by an inch. She is now recovering at home, though she cannot move one of her ears and has lost hearing in that ear.

The Sheriff's Office says that Deputy Tommy Kimsey responded to a call for help by a neighbor concerning an aggressive dog. When he arrived other neighbors advised they had taken their children inside due to the aggressive behavior of the dog.

When Deputy Kimsey attempted to contain the dog, he attempted to bite him several times. When these attempts failed Deputy Kimsey fired a shot striking the dog wounding him.

Ward said she spoke with the neighbor on Saturday night and the neighbor said the dog never actually tried to bite him and never lunged at him, but was running around in circles and jumping in his back yard.

Capt. Brian Quinn with the BCSO said they will determine if proper procedure was followed and proper actions taken. "Our initial concern in a matter like this is the safety and well-being of the children and others in the neighborhood," he said.

Capt. Quinn also said that a detective has been assigned to review the entire incident.

"If any actions are deemed improper, corrections or discipline will be ordered and made immediately following the investigation," Quinn stated.

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