WALKER COUNTY, GA. (WRCB)  --  Ashley Garner can't use one faucet throughout her entire apartment. She turned off the water to save her home from flooding for a third time. It all started on July, 1 when she was washing dishes.

"All the sudden my little boy came running saying mamma mamma the bathroom is full of water and I ran in there and the toilet and the bathtub was just over flowing. It was like a river just flowing out of the toilet," Garner explains.  

She quickly learned her bathroom flooded every time the apartment water was running.

"I can't take a shower here, I can't give the kids a bath here, I can't wash clothes here, I can't wash dishes here," she says.   

Garner and her 8-year-old son have stayed with friends for nearly four weeks and she says the plumber her landlord initially called was told not to come.

"Its bad for the children to have to live in this as much as it is for her," says friend Cassie Hollis.   

Garner says she has contacted everyone from the police to the health department. "Because its contained inside the home there's nothing they can do about it, that its his responsibility," says Garner.

She says her landlord, James McLeehan, refuses to fix the problem claiming she hasn't paid rent but he did sign a paper stating she had.

Channel 3 caught up with McKeehan at his home in Ringgold. Channel 3 asked him why he signed a paper stating he received $600 for rent.

"Because for her case worker where she can get her food stamps," McKeehan says.  

McKeehan claims he did not receive the full rent amount and won't fix the apartment until she moves.

We contacted a north Georgia attorney who says the law tends to favor the landlord but Garner could sue him for constructive eviction, meaning the living conditions are so bad the lease is broken.

Garner says she is in the process of moving out but finding an apartment has proven to be difficult.