CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- In a posting on his website, Judge David Norton confirmed that he remains as a candidate for Hamilton County Sessions Court despite health issues that have kept him away from the bench and curtailed his campaign activities.

Norton is affected by an inherited neurological condition that is considered non-life-threatening and controllable by medication.

"This message is a follow-up to the public release I made on July 2," said Judge Norton. "At that time, I disclosed my health issue and asked Hamilton County citizens to bear with me while I received medical attention. I accepted my current judicial appointment with every intention of working hard and campaigning vigorously for election."

He did admit that if he wins in the August 2nd election, he would not be able to serve immediately.

Also running for the Sessions Court judgeship are Joe DeGaetano, Valerie Epstein, Yolanda Echols Mitchell, Ron Powers, Gary Starnes and Patricia Best Vital.