CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WRCB-TV) - We have seen these crimes before. The difference this week: it could be your turn to earn some free cash, no questions asked.

The burglary in question happened at the Raceway gas station and convenience store on Hixson Pike. It was about 5:30 on the morning of June 29th, when, as seems to be frequently case these days, the bad guy threw a rock through the glass door and ran inside.

"It's almost like he knew where to go," said Chattanooga Police Officer Daniel Jones. "He was actually in and out of the business within about two minutes."

"He opened a couple of drawers within the business and underneath the register and actually took the money from there and left," explained Officer Jones. It is never a good idea to leave cash in a drawer, but this is where we got our best look at the thief.

While he may have known where the cash was hidden, he apparently did not know where the cameras were. There are clear views of him looting the store. "He does have a recognizable face, Jones said. "He's a white male, has somewhat of a goatee, a receding hairline, wearing a white and red button down shirt."

Add what look to be khaki shorts and you have assembled a quite unusual cat burglar uniform. Do you recognize him? Maybe you noticed something suspicious on that Friday morning, driving along Hixson Pike, on your way to work. "And if that person was to call in and say, 'Hey, they were driving this type of vehicle,' we can give them cash money for helping us out," said Jones. "And any tip is completely anonymous."

Turn that little bit of information into personal profit and teach this thug the community is on guard, and crime does not pay...for long. Call: 698-3333. Up to a thousand dollars is waiting. A police officer may answer the phone, but you never have to reveal your identity.