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Marion County man charged with rape

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MARION COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Marion County detectives say 33-year-old Christopher Conner is now behind bars for having sex with a teenage girl he knew from church.

The victim told Whitwell police last Thursday Conner assaulted her at Whitwell High School, but detectives later found that wasn't true.

Sheriff Bo Burnett isn't sure why the girl lied.

"I'm assuming she did it to protect him. She did have medical issues to take care of that Thursday."

Burnett says the girl went to Conner's home and had sex with him.

We went there to get his side of the story, but a woman inside claiming to be a family member is reluctant to talk to our camera. She eventually answers our questions, but briefly.

The woman says she was upset and it didn't know much more before shutting the door.

She wouldn't say how long Conner and the victim have known each other, but Burnett says Conner has worked with the church youth program in the past.

This is also Conner's first time being accused of wrong doing.

Police say at this time Conner isn't cooperating. 

"The investigator tried to question him and he asked for a lawyer so we can't talk to him," Burnett says.

Conner is still at the Marion County jail being held on a $150,000 bond.

He is facing two statutory rape charges and will have his first appearance next week.

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