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Raising hope for brain injury victims

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DALTON, GA (WRCB) -- He could have been in London, but while cycling, he suffered a severe brain injury that knocked him out of serious competition.  Instead of focusing on what could have been, Saul Raisin is focusing on giving hope to others.

In the process he's raising some serious money for brain injury patients all over the world. Saul a Dalton native says the one thing you can't take away from anyone is hope.

"I say hope's a gift that can be given for free. Something as simple as a smile can tip the balance between life and death," said Saul.

Hope; it's why Dalton native Saul Raisin is where he is today.

In 2006 a bicycling accident in France left raisin with brain damage. One of the world's top cyclist was left fighting for his life, "I questioned why me. Why did this happen to me. With my world rankings I would have been on the American Olympic team. I lost everything. It took me a long time to realize instead of saying why me, I say yes me, thank you."

Thousands around the world are now thanking Raisin who's raised $250,000 and counting for brain injury patients.

His foundation is simply called "Raisin hope."

"it makes me feel like I'm truly blessed like I have a reason and a purpose to do what I do. I feel much more fortunate now than I ever did as a professional cyclist," said Saul.

Yes he's still riding just not on the level his former teammates do, like his buddy Bradley Wiggins who just won the Tour de France.

He has a handful of friends competing in London at the Olympics, "it hurts to watch but I'm more grateful for the things I have now. I'm proud for them because I know they worked hard to get where they're at."

You can read about it in his book "Tour de Life."

Saul's next goal, complete the Hawaii Iron Man, "anything is possible, I set my goals so high sometimes people tell me I'm crazy. But I do have some big goals I want to accomplish."

Saul's websites: http://tourdelife.org/  http://raisinhope.ning.com/

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