CHATTANOOGA, TN. (WRCB)  --  The public has very limited access to Volkswagen's paint shop since the first car rolled off the assembly line last year.

"Right now per day we're between 600 and 640 cars," says General Manager Dean Parker.

The facility houses three stories of treating, spraying, dipping and waxing. "In our pre-treat system we have a rotational dip system and one of the reasons for this is to reduce the size of our tanks, this helps us reduce our chemical and water usage," Leslie Williams.

Williams is the paint shop's assistant manager, she says the cars on the line now are the new 2013 Passat models. They've been in production since late June.

The cars are painted a number of colors but the facility is rather green. The paint shop recycles most of its material including air and water. Eighty percent of the air used during painting is recycled and the shop saved even more energy by eliminating a primer step.

"By eliminating the primer step in the 2010 process we've been able to eliminate a whole paint booth and a whole paint oven," explains Williams.  

The paint shop employs 105 workers and 58 robots but the robots do most of the work. Human hands are only needed for special projects like the PVC line.  

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