UPDATE - According to Donald Brown, the Catoosa County Road manager, public works is looking at several of the roads in the county and reevaluating signage and speed limits.

Brown says the area of Dogwood Valley Road more than likely won't get speed humps because they could be a hazard and the county doesn't receive funding for roads with the speed humps.

Brown says a traffic study can be done in the area, but the residents will need to petition that before the county commission for approval.

CATOOSA COUNTY, GA. (WRCB) -- A Catoosa County neighborhood is outraged after police say two drunk drivers crashed on Dogwood Valley Road claiming the life of 13-year-old Adrian Martinez.

Two men have been charged, 23-year-old Dean Butt and 25-year-old Rene Preciado.

Police say they were driving well above the 35 mph speed limit around 1:30 Sunday morning.

Martinez and his uncle were in the car with Butt when he lost control causing, Preciado to slam into the back of them.

Channel 3 is told Martinez died on impact.

David Smith says , "This curb will sneak up and bite you. You don't realize how sharp it is until you get into it. Then it is too late."

For this group it was too late.

Channel 3 returned to the scene Tuesday to find broken glass, a shoe worn by one of the victims, and a watch still ticking.

Under the tarp is the crashed Chevy Cobalt Butt was driving.

Terry Wilson watched the crash unfold Sunday morning and says for years he has urged drivers to slow down around the curves. 

"It's been an issue, all the time. I have yelled at people flying around that curve, hoping to stop them from getting killed or something."

Several neighbors we spoke to want to see speed bumps put in the road hoping that may get other to pump their brakes.

Wilson says he lost a nephew years ago in a similar situation and seeing yards littered with crash markers is hard to stomach.

"A kid got killed for no reason and if they had speed humps, they probably would have seen them and slowed down."

We have put in calls to Catoosa County Road Manager Donald Brown for comment on the road. He has not returned our calls.

The funeral for Adrian Martinez will be Thursday at 11:00 a.m. at St. Joseph's Catholic Church.