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Park employees help capture Louisiana's most wanted fugitive

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RHEA COUNTY, TN. (WRCB)  --  Parks and rec employee Terry Fischesser admits he calls police often to report odd behavior, and this time it paid off.

"He wasn't going to leave this park until we knew who he was," Fischesser says. "We didn't know if it was a good lead or a bad lead."

At the time they didn't know Louisiana's most wanted fugitive set up camp in their park. Richard Black was wanted on incest charges and considered a very dangerous man. However, as soon as he started camping at Rhea Springs park employees were onto him.

"He just kind of had a weird vibe about him," says park employee Terry Calbough.

"He never mentioned Louisiana. He kept saying he's from Texas," explains Fischesser.

As the days passed his behavior set off more red flags.

"He had no tent, no nothing. He was just staying, living out of his van," says Calbough.

Black was at the campsite for four days, and reportedly watched children as they were swimming. All the while he was being watched from across the lake.

"He was a single person staying too close to our swimming area. A male figure watching the kids," says Fischesser.  

Calbough sent a picture of his plates to police.

"The numbers didn't come back, so that kind of put up a flag," Calbough says.  

Deputies were on the scene within minutes but Black had other plans, he tried to run.

"Deputy had to taser him," says Fischesser.  

Channel 3 was at the Rhea County jail when Black was taken into custody.

"God help me. If ya'll know anybody that's got a real good lawyer, who won't charge me nothing, please come help me," he told Channel 3.

Black is still behind bars, thanks to two park employees who followed their gut.

"Don't come to our park messing with kids," Fischesser says.

Black will be extradited to Louisiana later this week.  

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