BRADLEY COUNTY, TN. (WRCB) -- A year later, the Rymer family is no closer to understanding how Misty Rymer died.

A boating incident took her life last year, but the details of how it happened have never been released.

Monday, authorities arrested the man who was driving the boat.

Rymer's brother Shane hopes to get answers.

"It's hard to be without her," Shane says.

It's been nearly a year since Shane Rymer lost his sister, Misty.

"It's been a rough year; It's been rough I know on her kids," he says. "They've just had their lives just completely changed."

The 32-year-old died last August when the boat she was on hit a concrete pillar on the Hiwassee River.

"That's always been the biggest question, what happened," Shane says. "How did that accident happen?"

TWRA officials aren't saying how it happened, but a Bradley County Grand Jury has assigned blame.

The man driving the boat, 33-year-old Deontae Davis, a lifelong friend of Misty's, was indicted on a vehicular homicide charge.

"Her favorite thing was dragon flies, and this morning I happened to see one before everything happened," Shane says. "I knew she was watching. She was looking down on us."

Shane says his family hasn't heard from the man they call "Tez" since his sister's death.

"I pray for him and his family, and his kids," Shane says. "There are just too many kids involved in the situation. I don't want anyone to be without a parent, but my nephews no longer have a mother."

Rymer hopes when the case goes to court, details will be released and his family can finally get the answers they need.

"I mean after a year, her not being around, being able to tell us, we hope that truth does come out, justice will be served and she can rest in peace," he says.

Deontae Davis is being held on a $15,000 bond.   

No court date has been set, but Shane Rymer says his family will be there when the case goes before a judge.