CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB)- Some apartment complex residents in Chattanooga are trying to salvage what they can after water filled their homes Friday night.

A good number of people in the Meridian apartment complex spent the day airing out their homes. They say the storm drains on Gunbarrel Road could not handle Friday night's rain and they found themselves in several inches of water.

The fans are running full blast as workers pump water from the Meridian Apartments.

"When I put my feet on the floor, the water came up over my feet," says Mary Coppit.

Coppit woke up thinking a water pipe in her apartment broke but then she looked out the window.

"Gunbarrel Road, the parking lot, everywhere looked like a lake," she says.

"It's a total of eight inches of water in these apartments," says maintenance supervisor Larry Steed.

Steed had to bring in outside crews to start cleaning up the mess. He says the problem lies with the drains on Gunbarrel.

"The main drains in the road out there clogged up like they did five years ago," he says.

Twelve apartments flooded then. It was eight this time around, but that does not make it any better.

Katie Craig came home to ankle-deep water at her doorstep. She says many electronics in her home are ruined. Everything was soaked.

"It just smells like coming straight out of the lake," says Craig.

"I was a little upset. I've been upset. I haven't been to bed yet," says resident Jessie Martin.

Unlike her neighbors, Martin's entire apartment has wall to wall carpet.

She does not know if she can salvage any of her furniture.

"It's sitting on wet carpet and it's been there since midnight last night."

She is not fully convinced the apartment will be problem-free in the future.

"What I'm faced with is an apartment that's going to be moldy and unlivable," she says.

"Hopefully it won't be but a day or two process to dry them back out and then we'll go back in and assess any damage," says Steed.

The complex put the displaced residents up in a hotel Saturday night.

Steed says they will be keeping a close eye on the apartments to see if any mold issues develop.

He was told by the city's Department of Public Works a work order has already been made to clear the clogged drains on Gunbarrel Road.