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SCHOOL PATROL: Red Bank community comes together for school makeover

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RED BANK, TN. (WRCB) -- Red Bank High School has started to show its age, with rotten ceilings, faded paint and worn carpet.

With no money in the school's budget for a makeover, the community stepped in to help, raising money and rolling up their sleeves.

School leaders and volunteers started the "Be a Part of the Pride" project six months ago, with a goal of raising $150,000 in donations. They've only received $50,000, but say that's enough to do all the main work.

Washing, painting, landscaping even down to scrapping the gum out from under desks, hundreds are putting in the hard work because they say it's past due.

"I just got sick and tired of seeing a dirty school, so I thought I'd come out and help," student David Johnson says.

"Hopefully by the time we finish painting, it will look a lot better," student Katie Beckett says.

"It looked kind of rough for the last three years," student Matthew Smith says. "I just really wanted to see our school improve and make the learning conditions here better."

The school's new principal, Justin Robertson, says the improvements go beyond being appealing to the eye.

"Research has shown that the facility makes a difference," Principal Robertson says. "If kids are coming to a school that looks nice and is well taken care of, they do better and student achievement goes up."

He says restoring pride in the school is the key to making it succeed academically.
Along with making students proud, organizers hope it will improve the school's reputation throughout the entire community.

"The students and staff have always been great, but the community lacking is where it's kind of disjointed away," says Tabitha Mitchell, a parent.

Even some local realtors are pitching in, with the idea of a better a school meaning more people wanting to live in Red Bank.

"Strong schools make strong communities, so that's an asset for us all," realtor Kristy Fairchild says.

"The community wants a school that's going to succeed and wants a place where their kids can go to school, that's going to match the community of Red Bank," Principal Robertson says.

Volunteers will be out every day, all day through next weekend. They're working on 42 classrooms and say more volunteers are needed.

They are also still accepting donations for supplies.

For more information, or to volunteer, click here.

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