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Louisiana's most wanted man arrested in Rhea County

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DAYTON, RHEA COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - Dirty, limping, and bleeding. Richard Black looks like a man on the run.

"I'm sure Louisiana is looking for me," he smiled, shuffling his feet, bound by shackles.

Louisiana authorities have been looking for him since May, when they say the 55-year-old sexually assaulted two young female relatives.

It wasn't his first run in with the law.

Black has a lengthy criminal record.

"They listed him as a very dangerous individual," said Investigator Rocky Potter, in an interview with Channel 3.

Potter says complaints were filed at Rhea Springs, a popular swimming spot and recreation area, about a suspicious man in a van.

"He's been seen hanging around the area where there were young children," said Potter, "every time an officer would respond, the van would be gone."

When a deputy returned Friday morning, he found Black, who gave a fake name and tried to run.

Black didn't get far. Officers took him into custody.

"It came back on the computer that he was wanted out of a parish in Louisiana," said Potter.

Black bought a van in Crossville, and was camping in Rhea County until his next disability check hit the bank.

He'd made friends with families in the area, specifically several children.

"They left me in charge of watching over their children this morning while they went to get the money to get into an apartment," Black told Channel 3 during the booking process, "I appreciated that."

Black was aware police were looking for him, but says he ran because he didn't want trouble.

"God help me," Black said, pleading with the camera, "if ya'll know anybody that's got a real good lawyer, who won't charge me nothing, please come help me."

Louisiana authorities contacted America's Most Wanted about featuring Black.

A crew planned to shoot a story on his disappearance on Monday.

That shoot has been canceled.

Black will taken back to Louisiana next week to face charges. He faces a long list of charges in Rhea County, but Potter says he will release him to Louisiana because of the seriousness of the charges they have filed against Black.

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