CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- The shootings in Colorado prompted Warner Brothers to cancel tonight's premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises" in Paris, but no word on if it will cancel weekend showings in the U.S.

So how are local theaters handling the situation?

Managers at the Rave and the Carmike theaters tell Channel 3 they have no plans to cancel showings of "The Dark Knight Rises ", unless Warner Brothers makes that call.

So with the show going on, we wanted to know are people buying tickets? And will security look different this weekend?

"It was a tragedy, shocking and I'm just glad it didn't happen at our theater," said Rave theater manager Neil Gido

He adds that as chaos broke out in that Aurora, Colorado theater, more than 3,600 movie-goers were just leaving the midnight showing of "The Dark Knight Rises" in East Ridge.      

Today, news of the shootings doesn't seem to be keeping them away. He thinks it could be the reason so many are turning out.

"I think it will increase the anticipation of this movie. It's going to be huge."

Today some lined up an hour in advance for showings. The topic of most conversations while waiting? The shootings.

"This morning hearing that and everything, got me sick to my stomach," said Pat Phillips.

The idea being repeated that a movie theater has always been a place many, for some reason, consider a "safe zone."

"The worst thing you usually have to worry about is people talking, not coming in and shooting," said Dustin Blaylock

David Phillips  added, "I never even thought of that. Not at the movies. We've been to concerts where we've had people get stabbed in front of us, but not at the movies."

The phones continued ringing throughout the day with people asking if showings were canceled, and were pleased to hear they weren't.

"I was hoping it wouldn't close, but I guess you could understand if it did," said Clay Butler

Many said while they're shaken by what happened in Colorado, it wasn't stopping them from seeing the movie in theaters today.

"I don't anticipate feeling unsafe in this one," said Shane Leeth

Jason Hill added, "You can't live in fear."

Managers at the Rave and Carmike theaters say their usual security measures are in place, but neither have plans to increase security.

"Random acts of violence. It's a tragedy that can happen anywhere,"noted Gido.

Both Rave and Carmike theaters say they have security guards on duty throughout the weekend and will constantly have employees check the exits for anyone trying to get in undetected.

Some other cities, including New York City, will have extra officers at theaters tonight in an effort to protect against copy cats.