CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- The view from atop the SunTrust building is fantastic. Stepping over the edge, though, is something altogether different.

Add a harness and some professional rappellers, or edgers as they call themselves, raise some money for land conservation and the local Boy Scouts and you've got a deal.

"We're all about getting people up, getting people out and getting people moving," said area Boy Scout leader Adrian Hackett.

Hackett says this is the perfect way to kick off River Rocks Chattanooga on October 5th. A 10 day event promoting everything outdoors the Scenic City has to offer.

If you want to repel the SunTrust building it's simple, sign up and raise at least $1,000.

River Rocks Carla Pritchard says no experience is needed. "It's executives, it's politicians, it's celebrities, it's the everyday person who wants the chance to participate, all you need is an adventurous spirit."

In fact, WRCB News Director Derrall Stalvey has already signed up to do it. Risking life and limb we ambushed Derrall during an afternoon meeting to remind him it's more than 200 feet above the ground, and to ask him if he was scared.

Watch the video above for his reaction.

Luckily our boss is a good sport. If yours is too, you can sign your boss up. It's called "Toss Your Boss." Raise the money and he or she has to do it.

They're expecting to raise at least $40,000 with half going to the River Rocks Land Conservation and the other half going to helping area Boy Scouts.

"It's important to preserve these areas for future use," said Pritchard.