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Family speaks out after mother indicted in sons' death

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BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- "I can tell you we were angry, I was angry," recalls Linda Bates.  Three weeks ago her two young grandchildren, River and Leland, died of hyperthermia. "I suspected something," she says.  

Natasha Moses, their 26-year-old mother, initially reported a drowning and then said they were outside for about 45 minutes playing on a slip n' slide.

"Anybody that looked at that, that thought about it that had common sense knew that wasn't true but I had no idea how bad the truth would be," says Bates.  

On Wednesday a grand jury indicted Moses. She's charged with two counts of felony murder, two counts of child abuse and endangerment, and five meth making charges.

"Well I can't say I'm happy. I'm very sad for her and for her family," Bates says. "But we're glad that now we have some sense of what happened."

On Friday, 13 investigators searched Moses' home on Keith Valley Rd. "Detectives returned to the scene after receiving information that there had been possible drug activity at the residence," says Bob Gault with the Bradley County Sheriff's Office.  

A warning sign and crime tape are all that's left. Investigators now believe River and Leland may have been inside a car, which was taken as evidence last month.

Despite all of this Bates still has compassion toward the mother of her grandchildren. "I'm not looking forward to see her suffer. I don't want her to fry," says Bates.  

Slowly and painfully she says all they can do now is work on moving forward as a family, "time and prayer, with God's help we'll go on."

Moses will be officially charged in criminal court on August, 13. She remains in custody at the Bradley County Jail without bond.

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