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3 On Your Side: "Mechanic" steals vehicle after fixing it

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POLK COUNTY, TN. (WRCB) -- Sid Garza has a warning for anyone using their "good word" as a part of any deal. He says, "Don't do it."

Two weeks ago he put an ad in the paper for bricks so he could lay them for his driveway.

A week later, Garza says Scott Poole answered the ad and later got him all the bricks he needed.

All the while Poole had his eyes on Garza's Chevy van in need of a tune up.

"He showed me his auto tools and I was impressed and he said bring it to me, I know how to do all this stuff," Garza says.

Poole promised to fix it for a cheap price and met with Garza the following Thursday.

He gave Poole the keys and a verbal agreement to have it fixed by Saturday.

Garza tells us the promised "fix" never happened and he was left with just a few piles of bricks.

"Saturday came and I called and got no answer. The phone was unavailable," says Garza.

Garza says he eventually talked to Poole's mother who couldn't find her son.

That's when he went to the Polk County Sheriff's Office who now is charging Poole with auto theft.

Garza's van is a burgundy colored 2002 Chevy Venture Van Tennessee plate number 050-PHL.

We have learned Poole is no stranger to trouble.

He was arrested July 2011 for domestic assault after threatening his own mother with a knife.

Garza says he has learned the true meaning of "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

"Make sure there is a contract with it," Garza says. "Everything should be written and state what you need to be done."

You are urged to call the Polk County Sheriff's Office if you have information.

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