Chattanooga, TN (WRCB) -- Those spectacular light shows Tuesday night proved to be destructive in some parts of the Tennessee Valley. In Chattanooga, lightning sparked several fires, destroying some houses and making a very busy night for fire fighters, police officers and ems crews.

The good news: no major injuries to report.

However a lot of structure damage was caused by three lightning related fires. In the worst case, one family in east Brainerd lost everything.

"We heard the lightning we knew it was close but we had no idea it was on top of us," said Henry Hoss, a resident on Baskette Way in East Brainerd.

Henry and his wife were in bed, luckily awake enough to hear their neighbor pounding on the door screaming at them to get out because their house was on fire.

Henry and his wife made it out to alert others in that building. Two of the four condos were ruined, only one was occupied.

"Very fortunate, it could have hit any house in this neighborhood but it happened to hit us," Hoss said. "We were strong enough, young enough to get out and get away from it. If it would have hit some of the other houses in this neighborhood it might not have been that successful."

Wave after wave of friends stopped by to offer help, even strangers with heavy hearts.

Laura Annessi lost her home to a lightning related fire one year ago just a few streets away, she brought a much needed smile and a gift card. "I know what they've been through, it's hard," she said. "Looking back where we were and where we've come this past year, the support we got from friends and strangers it was a real blessing."

Annessi said it's a long road back but it can be done, the Hoss' are up for the challenge. They have insurance and a support group he says is one of a kind.

"We're just very grateful. To go through something like this, to experience it and to have all these people come forward to chip in and get there hands dirty helping us. It's just been fantastic," Henry said.

Henry has been given permission to stay in a condo right down the street while insurance works out the rest.

If you're in a high risk lightning area, it wouldn't be a bad idea to install a lightning rod. Just rRemember it has to be installed properly and maintained every year.