CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Tuesday night's thunderstorm has kept Chattanooga firefighters very busy .

It started off with reports of flooded streets and downed power lines.

As the storm intensified, lightning strikes hit the area and may have started several fires.

The fire in the 2400 block of Baskette Way was visible from a few miles.

The 4 unit townhome was engulfed in flames when firefighters got to the scene.

Officials say it appears everyone got out of safely, but one firefighter was injured when a hose coupling struck him in the head.

 Firefighters were also called to a business fire at Lectrus, Inc. in the 1900 block of Polymer Drive.

Flames were shooting through the roof of the large, metal building when the first firefighters arrived.

It took about an hour to get the fire under control. Damage to the building was extensive.

All of the employees were able to make it out of the building safely.

One firefighter was treated on the scene for heat exhaustion.

And firefighters battled a house fire in the 6300 block of Jocelyn Drive.

The flames were in the attic and on the exterior of the house. Firefighters were able to get the fire out fairly quickly.

No injuries were reported.

It appears lightning may to be blame for all of these fires, but that is not confirmed yet.