WHITWELL, TN (WRCB) -- Nine strangers, a cross country bike tour, and grueling conditions can make for one rough ride for charity.

This group from the "Ride:Well Tour" is rounding the final stretch of their 3,000 mile trek across the United States to raise money for waterless villages in Africa.

Ride member Caitlyn Pugliese says, "Sometimes I think you have to do something a little crazy to get people's attention and I thought this was a good way to do it."

Call them just a little "crazy" as this is the first time many in the group have cycled, let alone across the country.

They started in San Diego in June and Tuesday, 2,500 miles later, found themselves pedaling through the rain in the hills of Whitwell, Tennessee.

Sure it's a challenge, but the end goal to help the less fortunate allows the group to stay focused.

Emily Boyd says, "I would not be able to ride by myself everyday and they are just very encouraging."

Josias Hansen says everyone with a talent can use it to help someone else.

"They can direct their skill to a cause and it will make that skill all the better," he says.

Tuesday's 80 mile ride will come to a close in Hixson and along with it, the pain, memories, and effort of thousands of people not on bikes pitching in to help.

Zack Hazlett adopted the creed: "One bike, one road, one focus."

"When some things seem so impossible and the odds are against you, with god's strength you can get through it."

Visit www.ridewelltour.org for more information.