DALTON, GA (WRCB) -- The National Transportation and Safety Board has released their preliminary report into the fatal crash of a Piper airplane near the Dalton Municipal Airport on June 30th.

According to the report, the Piper PA-31P, flown by Donald Holbrook, 52, collided with terrain while descending in the vicinity of Dalton Municipal Airport and a post crash fire ensued, with Holbrook suffering fatal injuries.

Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plan was filed.

According to witnesses they heard an airplane coming towards them and it sounded like it was flying very low. They looked up and saw the airplane at about 200 feet above the ground in a descending attitude.

The left engine sounded as if it was running at full power and the right engine was not running. The right propeller was not moving. The airplane pitched up to avoid a power line and rolled to the right descending below the tree line, followed by a plume of smoke and an explosion.

Examination of the airplane revealed the fuselage and both wings were fire damaged. The instrument panel was destroyed. Continuity of the flight controls could not be manipulated but were verified to their respective flight control surfaces.

The left and right engine assemblies with propellers attached were located and transported to a storage facility pending further examination.