LAFAYETTE, GA. (WRCB) -- Crystal Cothren's neighbors tell Channel 3 they understand why the 20-year-old woman was dating a 15-year-old boy. "He looked like he about 24, 25," says one neighbor. "He was built like a natural man."

However, Cothren's mister right turned out to be all wrong and police say she knew it.

"She told us she knew how old he was. It's not an issue of I didn't know," says Lafayette Police Chief Bengie Clift.

Clift says the amount of women charged with statutory rape in the city is slim to none. "With a consensual relationship, hardly ever," he says.

The juvenile's mom says Cothren and her son met at a north Georgia skating rink several months back. "She was told seven months ago before this incident that he was 15 and to stay away," she says.

However, police say Cothren didn't heed the advice. Instead she continued to meet up with the teenager and covered her tracks with lies.
"She told me he told her he was 17-years-old," says Cothren's neighbor.

Last weekend Cothren is accused of driving 34 miles to pick him up from his Trenton home and take him back to Lafayette. He was at her apartment for three nights, that's when his mom stepped in.

"I just got a notion, something wasn't right," she says.

The police report states officers found the couple and Cothren's two small children inside her apartment. Her toddlers hadn't been fed or cleaned.

"Why, why a 15-year-old? The only thing that I got from her was, 'I don't know,'" says the minor's mom.

In Georgia, the age of consent is 16-years-old. However, waiting one more year was out of the question for this couple and Cothren is paying the price.

"I can't say who they can date and who they can't date then but I can now. He's my son and he's 15-years-old," says him mom.

Cothren reportedly planned to move to Trenton to be closer to the 15-year-old. She's free on bond but officers say she could spend a couple years behind bars. She's scheduled to be back in court in November.