CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Highway 153 at Hamill Road isn't immune to usual traffic issues, except Monday several of the problems happened before lunchtime.

The first round of headaches happened just after 10:30 a.m.

A vehicle smashes into an ambulance leaving Memorial Hospital.

The driver of the car, nor the patient and EMT in the back of the ambulance were injured, but wrecks like this one raises concerns with city engineering.

They have already installed a red light camera but say more improvements are needed.

Chattanooga City Engineer, John Van Winkle, says, "It's a counter measure to reduce the wrecks. When we get more data we may look at more cameras."

Soon after the first wreck, a quarter mile down the road, wreck number two snarls traffic.

The driver of the a vehicle is pinned in her car after police say the another driver crossed over three lanes of traffic.

Jennifer Johnson says she avoids the area all together.

"Yes, I hate it. I will not come to Hixson between certain times. I won't even think of crossing the dam."

In the next couple years engineers are looking to install Tennessee's first adaptive signal system.

Traffic lights will work based on traffic flow instead of a timers and sensors like the current system.

More than 50-thousand cars travel through Hixson on a daily basis making it a haven for accidents.

Van Winkle says until the new solution gets here use common sense.

"You have a responsibility when you get in the car and behind the wheel it is serious business. You have to pay attention."

Van Winkle says the city hopes to install the new program next year.